Lighthouse Map # Date Est. Location/GPS Sponsor Original Location
Lake Havasu Lighthouse Information
Cape Hatteras L1 Oct. 27, 2002 PWC Ramp at Lake Havasu State Park
GPS: 34.494104,-114.362628
Steve Greeley of KJJJ and KNTR Buxton, NC
Table Bluff L2 May 2, 2006 Entrance to Havasu Landing Marina
GPS: 34.481849,-114.403190
Mark Matt of USA Marine Humboldt, CA
East Quoddy L3 Sept. 17, 2006 North end of Bridgewater Channel, NE corner (in Lake Havasu State Park)
GPS: 34.475640,-114.355610
Community members as a memorial to Capt. Vic Reyes New Brunswick, Canada
West Quoddy L4 June 30, 2002 North end of Bridgewater Channel, NW corner
GPS: 34.474802,-114.355606
Lake Havasu Yacht Club Lubec, ME
Robert R. Manning L5 Feb. 2, 2003 Crazy Horse Campground Marina entrance
GPS: 34.470518,-114.362059
Crazy Horse RV Park & Campground Empire, MI
Vermilion L6 Oct. 29, 2005 North side of the island
GPS: 34.460059,-114.373082
Family & friends of George Darrow Lake Erie, Vermilion OH
Split Rock L7 Jan. 4, 2004 Northwest corner of the island
GPS: 34.455381,-114.375452
The Esmay Family Lake Superior, Two Harbors, MN
Point Gratiot L8 Jan. 23, 2015 Pittsburgh Point, NW of Site Five
GPS: 34.451991,-114.374479
Hjalmar Sundin as a memorial to his wife, Mary Dunkirk, NY
Alpena L9 Nov. 5, 2006 Near Site Five on the island
GPS: 34.449693,-114.372920
Mohave County Board of Supervisors Alpena, MI
Wind Point L10 Oct. 17, 2010 Site Six channel
GPS: 34.449283,-114.372008
Dean Rowe Family Wind Point, WI
Chicago Harbor L11 Sept. 29, 2013 South of Site Six, north of Islander Marina
GPS: 34.450468,-114.362478
Ginger & Norma Sundin Chicago, IL
White Shoals L12 Nov. 2, 2008 15th Green on Island Golf Course
GPS: 34.452415,-114.351521
John & Janet Roe & Ginger Sundin as a memorial to Eric Sundin Lake Michigan, 20 miles west of the Mackinaw Bridge
Algoma L13 Aug. 6, 2009 Spectator Point on the island
GPS: 34.454805,-114.347582
The Matzdorff Family Algoma, WI
Lake Havasu Marina Lighthouse L14 Built in 2000 Lake Havasu Marina entrance
GPS: 34.462465,-114.348195
Lake Havasu Marina N/A
Buffalo Main L15 Oct. 26, 2003 South end of Bridgewater Channel, SE corner (on the island)
GPS: 34.465398,-114.347883
Coldwell Banker-The Judd Group Lake Erie at Erie Canal Entrance
Currituck Beach L16 Oct. 31, 2004 South end of Bridgewater Channel, SW corner
GPS: 34.465314,-114.346548
Premier Material Technology, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN Outer Banks, NC
Fire Island L17 Oct. 28, 2012 Piccadilly Point, south of Rotary Park
GPS: 34.4602778,-114.3405583
Bob & Helen Fraser Long Island, NY
Mount Desert Rock L18 Apr. 1, 2007 Grass Island, CA side
GPS: 34.446612,-114.337496
Shirley Robinson, family & friends Frenchboro, ME
Umpqua River L19 Aug. 6, 2009 Half mile south of Site Six, CA side
GPS: 34.425130,-114.302295
Anonymous Umpqua River, OR
Portland Head L20 Apr. 18, 2010 Atop Pilot Rock, AZ side
GPS: 34.412050,-114.289922
Shirley & Kemp Richardson Family as a memorial On an island south of Portland, ME
Grays Harbor L21 Sept. 29, 2013 Whipple Bay, CA side
GPS: 34.4002806,-114.272678
Ruth Wright Family Westport, WA
Barnegat L22 Aug. 3, 2008 Two miles north of Cattail Cove, AZ side
GPS: 34.363917,-114.209053
Ruth Navin & Family as a memorial to their grandfather Barnegat, NJ
Berwick L23 Aug. 3, 2008 Across from Parker Dam, AZ side
GPS: 34.307639,-114.135484
Cajun Mardi Gras Group Berwick, LA
Sandy Hook L24 June 30, 2007 Havasu Springs Marina entrance
GPS: 34.299174,-114.129427 forum members Sandy Hook, NJ
Pigeon Point L25  April 05,2016 North of Copper Canyon

 Liesen and Quiggle families  Pigeon Point State Park, CA