One of the greatest pleasures of boating on Lake Havasu is enjoying the warm desert evenings, under a canopy of stars or bathing in the moonlight. It's an inspiring experience but it can also be a frightening one. Too many people have lost their lives, suffered injury or damage to their vessels during night boating accidents on the Lake. Its curves and bends can be deceptive - they can be deadly. Knowing this, a group of Lake Havasu City boaters formed the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club to address the need for improved navigational lights on the lake.
Beacons, to light the way for those who enjoy the beauty of Lake Havasu, by day or night:
The membership started with a handful of Lake Havasu City residents who saw a need to improve safety for boaters on the lake. They incorporated the club as a nonprofit organization, recruited additional members and began to chart their course.
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Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club
The Lighthouse Club is a nonprofit group of independent Lake Havasu City citizens, dedicated to the preservation, improvement and promotion of Lake Havasu and the Lake Havasu City lifestyle. Their mission is to provide aids to navigation on the lake, in the form of small scale lighthouses. The lights will be replicas of famous lighthouses around the country. They will enhance safety for boaters and provide an additional attraction for visitors to the lake.
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The club invites individuals, families, businesses and organizations to become beacons themselves, by helping with the lighting of Lake Havasu.
After an extensive search we found a Beacon that meets the Coast Guard requirements of 33 CFR part 66 and the Beacon we would use for our Lighthouse Replicas. For information regarding our Lighthouse Beacons "SLC310 series", check the following link.
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