Fire Island Lighthouse
Location: Piccadilly Point
Sponsored by: Bob & Helen Fraser
Building Craftsmen: Lighthouse Club Members
Light dedication: October 28, 2012
GPS: 34 27' 37.00" N 114 20 26.01" W
Beacon flash: Red Flash sequence: 60 times a minute
Fire Island
Lighthouse Replica
(Long Island New York)
In 1982 Fire Island Light was scheduled for demolition by the government. A local group of preservationists was successful in having the site transferred from the Coast Guard to the Fire Island National Seashore. The lighthouse was also designated a National Historic Landmark. The Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society successfully raised funds to restore the lighthouse and relighted it on May 25, 1986. Since 1982 the Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society has worked to preserve the heritage of Fire Island and Long Island, with the Fire Island Lighthouse being an integral part of the heritage. Tower Height: 168 Height of Focal Plane: 167 Characteristic and Range: Flashing white every 7.5 seconds, range 24 nautical miles.
Description of Tower: Conical brick, cement-coated tower with alternating black and white horizontal bands (two white, two black), black cast iron lantern.
Earlier Towers? 1827: 74-foot octagonal stone tower. Date Established: 1827 - Date Present Tower Built: 1858 - Date Deactivated: 1974-1986 - Date Automated: 1986
Optics: 1856: First order Fresnel lens, now DCB-224. The Fresnel lens is on display in the Visitor Center.
Current Use: Active aid to navigation, museum. Open To Public? Yes
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